Patrick Balzat (DJ/Entertainer)

Patrick Balzat has been a familiar face on the Belgian house scene for almost 30 years now and has kept himself so busy that he has achieved already an impressive ride in the world of music and clubbing.

Regular outings to underground Belgian house clubs finally persuaded Pat to take his own place behind the turntables in 92.

It was also during this time that he cultivated his powerful funky sound as resident DJ, finding himself in a prime position to take advantage of accessing the most upfront house clubs in Belgium such as Fuse, Who’s Who’s Land, Cafe Local, Mirano and the Strong parties in Antwerp, Brussels and Paris.

Since 1999, he focused mainly on the critically acclaimed balModernSoundsystem live sessions, a collective live project based on the warm interaction between jazz musicians and dj’s initiated by Olivier Galand (aka Don Olivero) and himself.

His sets nowadays provide a happy and refined definition of cutting edge international club music echoing various musical styles fusing House, Electro, Soul, Funk, Disco and Jazz music always developing a highly joyful and communicating vibe throughout his performances.

Pat is also a producer for more than 10 years with success like « Ain’t no mountain high enough » with the singer Jay Sebaz , he is also behind the pseudo « Sidran », « The proviberz » & « Urban Pleasure Seekers » … he made also the famous remix of « Promised land » for the famous singer JD Davis !

He created lots of compilations like « Belga Queen », « Crobar », « Apéros St Job » and is the producer of a national weekly radioshow each saturday on a belgian radio. And recently each days with the « Warm up » show on the 1st electro’s radio in belgium « Vibration » (6pm-7pm monday till friday).


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