B-Tina (violin)


Klezmer & Classical

Solo, band or with a dj!

From Berlin (East)
Violinist coming from classics, started Violin at the age of 5 .
First price on Classic Radio at the age of 18, 3rd at the G.F.Händel Festival,

On electric violin since 8 years, since 6 years member of the Duo 2_Bright (electro-
world) and since 2 member of the Trio Caméléon (Jazz) ,

I work as a soliste and with DJs, Classic, Klezmer, Jazz , House , Electro

Latest accomplishments :
– February 2022, published our first song with the Duo 2_Bright , “African
Healer” (Spotify) album to be finished in 2023
– Night at the Museum, with the Trio Caméléon, Chateau Gilson , La Louvière 13rd
– Concert Solo at the festival Jazz au Féminin 4th Juin 2022
– Solo Violin avec DJ at Hippodrome, LaTerasse O2, 4th Juin 2022
– Album-Lounch Toni Veltri at Louve-Expo, Violinist of the Life -Band, 24th Juin 2022
-Violinist-Solist with DJ Laura De Greef for Colman and for Bentley at “Nuit du
Zoute” 5th August 2022, Knokke
-Bozza Festival with Caméléon for the show “the Signal”, by Compagnie Barbiana,
With Kushi Gotha, chorégrapher, Lucas Dragone, director, 19 -21 of August 2022
– Sponsor 2023 : STAGG

World, Jazz, Electro, House , Classic and on demand